Empath Coaching

Have you been told you're too sensitive or a space cadet?

Does being in large crowds or around angry people overwhelm you? 

I have worked through the struggles of taking on other people’s energy to the point of depletion, felt overwhelmed in crowded places and felt I had to hold my tongue for fear of hurting people’s feelings.  Through my journey of energy healing, counseling, social work and life, I have learned that my sensitivity is a gift and the only one responsible for my being overwhelmed in the world is me.

During a coaching session, we will look at your triggers and help you change your own behavior and attitudes.  This can be difficult for people who have been victimized (as most empaths have at some point), but taking responsibility for your life and everything that has happened in it is the first step to healing.  

Topics we will work on:

1. grounding

2. creating and maintaining strong boundaries

3. Realizing what energy is yours, what isn’t, and how to release it

4. Healing past traumas

5. Changing “survival” habits so you can thrive and not just survive in a challenging energetic world

6. Empowering your gifts so you can maintain a healthy life while assisting others


This is just an outline of what we may work on.  We will move as fast as you are willing/able to move.  Each session you will receive tools to assist you in working through difficult issues as they arise so you are empowered to take control of your life.

I utilize combination of energy healing,  NLP (neurolinguistic programming), mindfulness,  meditation and direct conversation to help you achieve your goals.

Sessions are 60 minutes $150

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24 hours notice required for cancellation or you will be charged the full amount of the session

credit card required to book session

this service is not covered by insurance