Intuitive Energy Healing

It is estimated that 95% of our brain activity is unconscious.  This means that we are making decision through part of our brain that we don't usually access.  It is preprogrammed with behaviors and thought patterns.  Many people are frustrated with their behavior and try to change it in their conscious mind which leads to increased frustrations. The easiest way to change unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors is to go where they reside and change them in the unconscious mind.


 Intuitive healing utilizes both the practitioners intuition in order to help the client dive deeper into the unconscious to unearth emotions, beliefs and behaviors so that it can be examined, understood and healed. These changes occur on an energetic level and then need time shift the emotional, mental and physical levels of consciousness.  This integration period usually lasts about 24-48 hours and can result in the releasing of stored emotions and feelings.

We use guided meditation with the support of Universal Energy to go into a state of consciousness that we can access your unconscious self.  

Sessions are 60 minutes $150

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24 Hours notice required for cancellation or you will be charged the full amount of the session

credit card required to book session

this service is not covered by insurance